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Westag panels are supersize shuttering formwork panels, made in accordance with German standard DIN 68792, used for system formwork or fair-facing concrete.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • 1x1400x2750 mm
    • 18x1250x2500 mm
    • 18x2000x5200 mm
    • 19x2000x5300 mm
    • 19x2000x5400 mm
    • 20x2550x5530 mm
    • 21x1250x2500 mm
    • 21x2000x3000 mm
    • 21x2000x3000 mm scier
    • 21x2000x4000 mm
    • 21x2000x4000 mm scier
    • 21x2000x4300 mm
    • 21x2000x5200 mm
    • 21x2000x5400 mm
    • 21x2400x5500 mm
    • 21x2540x5040 mm
  • Qualities

    These high-quality panels have very interesting properties, including:

    • Alkali resistant surface
    • Remarkably reduced water permeability
    • Increased light resistance

    In addition, the panel has a coating of 550 g/m² on each side, including a fibre membrane that acts as a buffer. This ensures an optimal panel surface even after frequent use.

  • Applications

    Westag is suitable for all smooth, joint-free concrete surfaces with higher requirements in accordance with German standard DIN 18202, (table 3, row 7: SB4 decorative concrete class 4, SHK3 (formwork class 3)). It is therefore ideal for frequent use on construction sites and prefab projects.

  • Technical specifications

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