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KVH® stands for Konstruktionsvollholz, the German name for solid construction timber.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Thickness: 60 - 80 - 100 mm
    • Width: 180 - 200 - 240 mm
    • Length: 13000 mm
  • Qualities

    This type of wood is characterised by distinctive cutting methods, where the raw wood may or may not be sawed into the core, depending on the intended surface.

  • Applications

    More specifically, this is solid construction wood for structural purposes, finger-jointed up to long lengths (12 and 13 m) with strength class C24.

  • Technical specifications

    KVH® wood meets the strictest quality requirements:

    • Standardised according to German standards DIN 4074-1/S10 and MS10 and DIN EN 14081-1 with specific requirements regarding sorting of the raw wood and the additional quality requirements.
    • Thanks to the controlled technical drying method, the wood humidity can be reduced to 15%, ± 3%, which limits distortion – such as cracks and tears – and ensures the wood is optimally protected against insects and fungi.
    • Minimum strength of C24, compared to the normal usual strength class C18.
    • Optimal dimensional stability that ensures that the uprights of the walls are straighter and show fewer abnormalities than other types of carpentry wood.

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