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BSH stands for Brettschichtholz, the German name for laminated wood. BSH can be produced from artificially dried and pre-planed spruce, Douglas, pine and larch.

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  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Épaisseur : 60-80-100-120-140 mm
    • Largeur : 160-200-220-240-280-300-320-400-440 mm
    • Longueur : 7000-8000-9000-10000-12000-13000-13500 mm
  • Qualities

    With laminated wood, individual slats are glued together to form stable components. The slats are joined together lengthwise with finger jointing, and then glued to the desired height and finally planed.

    The rigid connection between the individual plank slats creates wooden parts that are remarkably stronger and have better technical and static properties than solid wood.

    In addition, BSH offers many other advantages, such as:

    • Exceptional rigidity and dimensional stability
    • High load-bearing capacity with low weight
    • High stability in case of fire
    • High quality surfaces in the visible area
    • No warping (which is possible with solid wood)
    • Simple processing

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