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I-joists, I beams or I girders are structural wooden I-beams with LVL flanges that are made entirely from FSC® or PEFC certified wood.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Thickness: 45 - 60 - 90 mm
    • Height: 200 - 220 - 240 - 300 - 360 - 400 mm
    • Length: 7 - 9 - 13 m
  • Qualities

    There are many advantages to this type of beam:

    • High resistance, so less deflection
    • High stability
    • 30 – 40 % lighter than traditional beam wood
    • Cut-outs up to 50 % of the height
    • Minimum tolerances
    • Low thermal bridge
    • Precise dimensions

    They are therefore extremely suitable for bearing heavy loads, including at larger lengths.

    The flanges of the I-beams are made up of laminated veneer wood and OSB as the core panel, allowing up to two thirds less wood to be used compared to solid wood. These beams are also much lighter and therefore easier to install and saw, meaning it won’t be necessary to use a crane.

  • Applications

    These beams are mainly used as a support structure for roof structures (roof beams and purlins), walls and floors (floor beams) in timber frame construction projects. In addition, I-beams can also be used for framework, interiors and stand construction.

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