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LVL beams

LVL stands for ‘Laminated Veneer Lumber’ and is made from high-quality laminated veneer wood with a natural and warm look. This makes LVL suitable not only for structural uses, but for visible uses as well.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Thickness: 39 - 45 - 75 mm
    • Height: 240 - 300 - 360 - 400 - 600 mm
    • Length: 12 m
  • Qualities

    Depending on the type of LVL, the finishing either runs along the length or is glued crosswise.

    LVL has many advantages:

    • Greater load-bearing capacity than traditional soft wood
    • Ecological alternative to steel
    • High bending strength (up to 50 N/mm2)
    • Limited shrinkage
    • Easy to process
    • Level and straight
    • Relatively low weight
    • High lateral load-bearing capacity
    • Precise dimensions (lengths of up to 13.5 m possible)
  • Applications

    Thanks to these features, LVL is suitable for both new construction projects and renovations. LVL can be used for panels, (ridge) beams, trusses, rafters, connections, load-bearing solid walls, stairs and stair constructions, tracks, stands, floorboard (reinforcement), raft (constructions) and roof boards.

  • Technical specifications

    LVL is available in various qualities and has a PEFC label.

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