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Thermo Vuren
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ThermoWood® undergoes heat treatment with heat and steam during a computer-controlled process, at a temperature of around 200°C under inert atmosphere and without the addition of chemicals. An environmentally friendly process through which heat-treated wood obtains increased stability, durability and an extended lifespan. As well as this, ThermoWood® is given a light brown colour with an attractive wood pattern as a result of the heat treatment, which ages to a nice dark grey over time.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    Thermovuren brut

    • 25x75 mm L 3,60-3,90 m
    • 25x100mm L 3,90 m
    • 25x150 mm L 3,60-3,90-4,20-4,50-4,80-5,10 m
    • 25x200 mm L 4,50 m
    • 32x150 mm L 3,90 m
    • 38x150 mm L 4,20-4,50 m
    • 50x150 mm L 4,50-4,80 m
    • 63x200 mm L 3,90-4,20 m

    Thermovuren raboté & profilé

    • Planchette V-groef 18x130 mm L 3,90-4,20-4,50-4,80-5,10-5,40 m
    • Planchette tripel 33x133 mm L 3,60-4,20-4,50-4,80-5,10-5,40 m
  • Qualities

    The most important features are:

    • Environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood: comparable sustainability
    • Sustainability class 1-2 (European standard EN 350-2)
    • Shape stability comparable to teak: 50% less radial and tangential shrinkage
    • Significantly reduced moisture content
    • Higher insulation value
    • Resistant to wood rot
    • Resistant to insects (longhorn beetles, Anobium punctatum, Lyctus bruneus, etc.)
    • Maintenance-free
  • Applications

    ThermoWood® spruce is suitable for a number of applications such as fences, wall and facade cladding, ceilings and wall cladding.

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