Energy-conscious and technical construction boardsThree-layered constructive panels


AGROP are multi-layered construction boards – three-layer, to be precise – of highly superior quality. This type of panels falls into the category of SWP (Solid Wood Panel), which are produced in accordance with the FSC®’s strict environmental regulations for wood.

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  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • 16x2100x5000 mm
    • 16x2500x4000 mm
    • 19x1250x2500 mm
    • 19x1250x3000 mm
    • 19x1250x5000 mm
    • 19x2100x4800 mm
    • 19x2100x5000 mm
    • 19x2500x5000 mm
    • 19x400x2450 mm
    • 19x400x2470 mm
    • 19x0690x2500 mm
    • 21x2100x5000 mm
    • 22x1250x3000 mm
    • 22x2100x5000 mm
    • 27x2100x5000 mm
    • 32x1250x2500 mm
    • 32X1250X3500 mm
    • 32x2100x4000 mm
    • 32X2100X5000 mm
    • 42x2100x2000 mm
    • 42x2100x2500 mm
    • 42x2100x3000 mm
    • 42X2100X5000 mm
    • 42x500x2100 mm
    • 45X2100X5000 mm
  • Qualities

    The multi-layered AGROP boards are made of softwood that has been dried up to 8%. Each layer is made from solid wood slats. The thickness of the layers can differ and determines the final thickness of the board.

    AGROP construction boards offer many advantages:

    • Fixed size
    • High bending strength
    • Easy to use and assemble
    • Surfaces and edges with excellent workability
    • Large size
    • Made entirely from natural, non-toxic materials
  • Applications

    These three-layer panels lend themselves to a wide range of both indoor and outdoor uses:

    • Construction panels
    • Floor panels
    • Ceiling structures (supporting pitched or overhanging roofs)
    • Facade cladding
    • Stairs
    • Walls
    • Window frames and doors
    • Rolling shutters
    • Furniture panels
    • Carpentry
    • Renovation

    Please note that the natural properties of solid wood must be taken into account for outdoor use.

    Novatop Static is expanding our range with CLT panels.

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