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OSB – Oriented Strand Board – is an environmentally friendly quality product, and one of the most important recent innovations in the wood industry. This type of panels is made with wood from sustainably managed forests.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • OSB2 012x800 mm scier
    • OSB3 009x1196x2800 mm
    • OSB3 009x1196X2800 mm scier
    • OSB3 009x1220x2440 mm
    • OSB3 009x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 009x1250x2500 mm scier
    • OSB3 009x2440x3500 mm
    • OSB3 009x2440x3500 mm scier
    • OSB3 012x1196x2800 mm
    • OSB3 012x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 012x590x2440 mm
    • OSB3 012x675x2440 mm
    • OSB3 012x675x2500 mm
    • OSB3 012x800x1250 mm scier
    • OSB3 012x900x1020 mm
    • OSB3 012x900x1300 mm
    • OSB3 015x1220x2440 mm
    • OSB3 015x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 015x590x2440 mm
    • OSB3 015x625x2500 mm
    • OSB3 015x675x2500 mm
    • OSB3 016x625x2500 mm
    • OSB3 018x1220x2400 mm
    • OSB3 018x1220x2440 mm
    • OSB3 018x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 018x1250x2500 mm scier
    • OSB3 018x1250x2500 mm scier
    • OSB3018x1250 mm Zagen
    • OSB3 018x5000x2500 mm
    • OSB3 018x590x2440 mm
    • OSB3 018x625x2500 mm
    • OSB3 018x675x2500 mm
    • OSB3 022x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 022x590x2440 mm
    • OSB3 022x625x2500 mm
    • OSB3 022x675x2500 mm
    • OSB3 025x1250x2500 mm
    • OSB3 025x675x2500 mm
    • OSB3 030X675X2500 mm
    • OSB4 018x675x2500 mm
    • OSB4 022x1250x2500 mm
  • Qualities

    An Oriented Strand Board consists of three crossed layers of wood flakes, or ‘strands’, mainly from spruce and pinewood. These layers are placed in a certain direction, glued with waterproof adhesive and compressed under high pressure with a binding agent. The result is a durable, and above all rock-solid construction board that is also very easy to process.

  • Applications

    Thanks to its optimal mechanical qualities, OSB is extremely suitable for general load-bearing applications in construction, in both dry and damp conditions, while its tongue and groove joints make it ideal for large surfaces, such as floors and roofs.

  • Technical specifications

    The bending strength and modulus of elasticity are the highest in the direction of the outermost strands, which usually run along the length of the board.

    The straight boards are unsanded, but the tongue and groove boards are sanded. These boards can be sawed and drilled without any difficulty. OSB can also be profiled, further sanded, stained and lacquered.

    OSB panels carries the FSC® quality mark.

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