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Honext 25

Since 2022, Hout – Bois van Steenberge has been the exclusive distributor of HONEXT® for the Benelux countries and France.

HONEXT® is an innovative company from Barcelona that upcycles non-reusable waste fibre from paper factories into fully recyclable, non-toxic panels using a carbon neutral, circular biotech process.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    12 x 1220 x 2440 mm

  • Qualities

    Besides the many positive ecological aspects, such as

    • Durability (at least 25 years)
    • Upcycling
    • Circular design
    • 100% recyclability
    • Bio-based, non-toxic production
    • Carbon free panels thanks to a carbon neutral process
    • Zero waste
    • Resin-free
    • Local sourcing

    HONEXT® panels also have a number of competitive mechanical and thermodynamic properties:

    • Lower density (540 kg/m³)
    • Higher noise absorption (0.15 αw)
    • Better thermal conductivity (0.093 W/m·K)
    • Fire resistant (class C-s1,d0)
    • Resistant to water vapour (2.7μ)
    • Easy to install
    • Countless processing and finishing options
  • Applications

    The HONEXT® boards can be used for interior design. Some examples are:

    • Shop design
    • Facade cladding
    • Ceiling panels
    • Carpentry
    • Stand construction
    • Furniture
    • Short-term projects
  • Technical specifications

    They use a bio-based, zero waste and resin-free industrial process, which strengthens and protects the connections between the cellulose fibres and thus creates 100% recyclable fibre boards without additional VOC emissions such as formaldehyde. These boards are Cradle to Cradle Silver, Material Healthy Silver, LEED and BREEAM certified.

    In short, HONEXT® ecological panels stands for next-generation, completely circular, upcycled, sustainable building materials hat serves as a viable ecological alternative to traditional panels.

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