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Thermo Populier
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Aspen ThermoWood® – also known as ThermoWood® poplar or Thermopoplar for short – is heat treated wood from the poplar or European aspen. It is an excellent alternative to tropical hardwoods, such as Afrormosia and African Padauk.

Thermopoplar undergoes thermal treatment in which the wood is heated under pressure and at high temperatures under inert atmosphere. The wood receives a steam treatment, as it were, in a steam oven without oxygen and at a temperature of around 200°C.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    Thermopopulier brut

    • 26x155 mm L 1,20-1,50-1,80-2,10-2,40-2,70-3,00 m
    • 32x155 mm L 2,40-2,70-3,00 m
  • Qualities

    This thermal modification causes the cell structure to change, resulting in the following new properties:

    • Very high stability
    • Upgraded sustainability (sustainability class 1-2)
    • Less moisture absorption than untreated wood
    • 70% less swelling and less shrinkage
    • Better shape stability in changing weather conditions
    • Lighter – and therefore easier to install – than tropical wood
    • More economical in price than tropical wood
    • Resistant to moulds and insects
    • Beautiful golden brown colour that ages beautifully over time
    • Knot-free, ideal for facade or access gate cladding

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