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Vipassana - ThermoWood® Aspen

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The Vipassana Meditation center has recently undergone an expansion, resulting in the addition of two new buildings. This expansion was designed with sustainability as a core value and features some distinctive characteristics. DMOA Architects from Leuven took charge of the architecture, with a focus on disassembly and the use of ecological materials. A notable element of this construction is the utilization of 700m² of thermo poplar, supplied by Hout – Bois van Steenberge, which was applied as cladding.

For the Vipassana project, we supplied ThermoWood® Aspen, also known as Thermopoplar, finely cut into three different widths. This modified wood is a perfect match for the circular construction concept. The project was realized in collaboration with carpenter Hurore and the architects from DMOA Architects.

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Carpenter: Hurore
Architect: DMOA architecten

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