Sustainable reclaimed wood is the only 100% renewable, bio-ecological building material. At Hout – Bois van Steenberge, we want to be an ambassador for sustainable wood and sustainable construction – more specifically for bio-based circular construction. Only in this way can we take the step towards a CO2 neutral future.

Ambassador for sustainable wood

Hout – Bois van Steenberge therefore guarantees not only quality, but also sustainability. For us, high-quality wood means wood that has been produced sustainably, which is why we focus a great deal of attention on the selection of our wood and panels. More than 70% of our products come from sustainably managed forests.

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"Our mission is to be an international ambassador of sustainable wood and to pave the way for sustainable construction methods."

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FSC® certified wood company

Hout – Bois van Steenberge has been an FSC® certified company for decades. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by forest owners, wood and paper companies, environmental organisations and social movements.

FSC® strives for sustainable forest management worldwide through the strict adherence to ecological, economic and social rules.

Our license number: FSC®-C015776.

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“Sustainability is a way of life”

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Hout – Bois van Steenberge has been a PEFC certified company for decades. Founded in 1999, PEFC – or ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’ – has now become the world’s largest certification system that guarantees sustainable forest management.

PEFC strives for environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially beneficial forest management. They do this in the form of rules and criteria which require strict compliance, something which is monitored by independent auditors. This implies close cooperation between the various environmental conservation associations, the industrial sector, the scientific world, consumers and the government. Openness to dialogue, the goal of reaching a consensus, transparency, periodic assessment and continuous improvement are all central elements in this work.

If you as a consumer buy a PEFC label timber product, you can be sure that the timber was sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Our license number: PEFC /07-31-84