Structural beams

At Hout – Bois van Steenberge we have an extensive range of structural beams for timber frame construction. We have many types and qualities of beams for use in various applications, fully customised to our customers’ needs.

Wooden load-bearing structures are gaining in popularity thanks to the significant advantages they offer:

  • Constructive
  • Sustainable
  • Lightweight & strong: wooden supports have the perfect balance between strength and weight. Concrete and steel only make up 1/5 and 1/16 of the overall weight respectively, allowing for lighter foundations.
  • Good insulator: wood is a good insulator, and does not in principle have any thermal bridges thanks to its low thermal conductivity.
  • Fire-safe: wooden structures are often thought not to be fire-safe, but nothing could be further from the truth. Wood is fire-safe by nature and has good fire-resistant properties. Of course, wood burns, but it does not become deformed when heated. Moreover, the development of charcoal slows down the access of oxygen, which means that the construction retains its strength for a long time.
  • Easy assembly: its light weight means that assembly and transport is much easier than is the case with concrete and steel.
  • Maintenance-friendly: easy to make sustainable and to repair.
  • Relatively low operating costs
  • Warm appearance

In short, wooden beams lend themselves perfectly to being a crucial element in sustainable construction.


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