We supply wood and panels that has been sawed and planed to measure directly to each construction site.

Hout – Bois van Steenberge is a trusted partner in construction. Since 1903, we have supplied numerous construction sites in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Thanks to our decades of experience, extensive stocks and fast delivery times, we help construction sites to run smoothly. In addition, we guarantee excellent quality softwood and panels with a very competitive value for money.

We are always able to respond to the specific needs of construction. This applies both to the wood and panels – sawed or planed to measure, and shortened to the right length – and to the construction site deliveries themselves. We deliver to the sites using small or large trucks, depending on accessibility, including a forklift and/or crane. Furthermore, deliveries of smaller quantities, such as during the last phase of a construction project, are also perfectly possible.

From formwork and scaffolding boards to modified wood, I-beams and ceiling slats, Hout – Bois van Steenberge has a wide range of wood and panels for construction.

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