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St Gallen Switzerland
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Since 2022, Hout – Bois van Steenberge has been the exclusive distributor of Kebony® in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Norwegian company Kebony® is a manufacturer of bio-based modified wood, a sustainable building material with a significantly lower environmental impact than concrete or steel. Kebony developed its own Kebony® technology, a patented, environmentally friendly process that strengthens the properties of sustainable softwood using an organic liquid.

Specifically, the softwood is modified in a reactor with an organic liquid (furfuryl alcohol). After impregnation, the wood is moderately heated (<120°C) in an oxygen-deficient environment, causing polymerisation of the furfuryl alcohol to take place, and any excess effluent is collected.

The resulting polymer, which is now permanently enclosed in the wood cells, is stable and will not disintegrate or leak from the wood. After this treatment, the softwood obtains the appearance and properties of tropical hardwood.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    Kebony® Clear Brut

    • 25x100/125/150 mm L 3,00-3,60-4,20 m
    • 50x100/150/200 mm id

    Kebony® Character

    • Terrasse lisse 28x120 mm L 3,00-3,60-4,20 m
    • Planche 34x145 mm id
    • Poutre 48x48 id
    • Poutre 48x73 mm id
    • Rectangulaire lisse 21x98/123/148/198 mm id
    • Liplas 21x98/123/148 mm idem
  • Qualities

    Kebony® distinguishes between two products: Kebony® Character and Kebony® Clear:

    Kebony® Character

    • Made from FSC® certified wood from coarse pine (Pinus sylvestris).
    • Deep brown colour that evolves into a silver-grey patina.
    • Contain knots and untreated core wood.
    • Can be shortened by length.
    • Cannot be further processed or sawed.
    • Possible uses: facade cladding, terrace construction, construction, roofing

    Kebony® Clear

    • Made of FSC® certified wood from the Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata).
    • Deep brown colour that evolves into a silver-grey patina.
    • Without knots
    • Tight surface, treated in the same way as boards.
    • Can be further processed and sawed, just as hardwood.
    • Possible uses: facade cladding, terrace construction, roofing, furniture, design projects.
  • Applications

    Kebony® wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses:

    • Facade cladding: Kebony® wood has an improved dimensional strength, is sustainable, light and has a beautiful appearance.
    • Roofing: Improved dimensional stability and durability make Kebony® the best choice for sustainable wooden roofing.
    • Construction wood: the Kebony® technology provides the necessary rigidity and hardness that are necessary for construction projects and sustainable constructions.
    • Terraces: thanks to a combination of improved sustainability and pleasing appearance, Kebony® is the ecological alternative to tropical hardwood.
    • Windows: Kebony® offers a 30-year guarantee against rotting, which is ideal for window frames.
    • Doors: thanks to its beautiful, natural appearance, Kebony® can also be used for internal and external doors.
    • Interior floors: thanks to the improved hardness and the low maintenance requirements, Kebony® lends itself perfectly to a durable floor finish.
    • Decking and boardwalks: Kebony® wood is the best choice for boardwalks, decking and beach walk ways thanks to the optimal hardness and resistance.
    • Furniture: Kebony® Clear is treated homogeneously, and can be applied perfectly to furniture for indoor and outdoor uses.
    • Design projects: Kebony® is ideal for sustainable design projects that require a refined look.
    • Boat and yacht decks: Kebony® wood is an excellent choice for boat decks, as it matches the properties and appearance of high-quality teak exactly.
    • Scaffolding in harbours: Kebony® is suitable for use in scaffolding in rougher harbour environments.
  • Technical specifications

    Kebony® has many important advantages:

    1. Real wood, but with an improved and stronger cell structure.
    2. Long lifespan: 30-year guarantee for outdoor use.
    3. High resistance to fungi, wood rot and insects: durability class 1 (class 1-2 for Kebony® Character).
    4. Maximum hardness that matches that of premium hardwood.
    5. Optimal stability: 40-60% less swelling and shrinkage.
    6. Eco-technology: Kebony® technology uses organic liquids and not toxins nor harmful impregnation agents.
    7. Use of fast-growing conifers from sustainably managed forests.
    8. Maintenance-free: no additional maintenance required besides the regular cleaning.
    9. Development of a beautiful, natural silver-grey patina after exposure to various weather conditions.

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