Energy-conscious and technical construction boards


HydroFlam is a fire-retardant and moisture-resistant construction panel for structural applications. More specifically, this is MUF-bonded, fire-retardant chipboard that is ideally suited for structural applications in damp spaces.

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  • Qualities

    HydroFlam panels only show minimal expansion and swelling under high humidity, and they also have strong fire-retardant properties (Euro Class B-s2, d0), which mean the panels will automatically extinguish themselves and will not continue to burn after the heat source has been removed. Furthermore, HydroFlam retains its mechanical strength for a long time during a fire.

  • Applications

    This structural panel is suitable for applications where a low fire reaction and flame spread are essential (such as with roofs, walls, stairwells, escape routes, hallways, lift shafts) and where a higher fire resistance is required, such as fire doors and fire walls.

  • Technical specifications

    HydroFlam panels can be used in service classes 1 and 2 (limited in temperature and humidity) as well as biological risk classes 1 and 2 of standard EN 335-3. However, the panel must be protected against direct contact with water.

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