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Sitka Spruce ISPM 15

Sitka spruce is one of the most commonly used types of softwood and comes from Europe.

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  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Épaisseur : 23-30-32-38-44-50-63-75 mm
    • Largeur : 100-125-150-175-200-225-250-275-300 mm
    • Longueur : 3000-3500-400-4500-5000-5500-6000-6500-7000-7500-8000-8500-9000 mm
    • Poids : 400 kg
  • Qualities

    The wood has a whitish to light yellow-brown colour and can differ greatly in quality.

    The wood is light and soft whilst also being firm, and is easy to work with. Depending on the quality, Sitka spruce wood can be used for various applications, such as packaging, construction, interior and exterior.

    Sitka spruce ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15) is Sitka spruce wood that has undergone a heat treatment to kill any parasites and/or insects that are present in the wood.

    This phytosanitary regulation was drawn up by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisations (FAO).

    Specifically, ISPM 15 dictates that a wood must undergo heat treatment to be used in the international transport of goods. This regulation applies primarily to means of transport such as transport crates and transport pallets.

  • Applications

    Depending on the quality, Sitka Spruce ISPM 15 can be used for several applications such as packaging, construction, interior and exterior.

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