Softwood is a building material with a low environmental impact. This is because the wood comes from responsibly managed production forests, which grow back within a relatively short period of time after logging.

European softwood is a sustainable alternative to materials such as steel and concrete.

From a cost perspective, it is an extremely interesting product. This type of wood is highly sustainable thanks to its long lifespan, high recyclability and low energy consumption during production.

Since our establishment in 1903, we have built up in-depth expertise in the field of softwood. We now import wood from Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Germany and Eastern Europe.

We attach great importance to the origin of our softwood. That is why we consistently choose wood from responsibly managed forests and take into account the ecological and social aspects that come with the harvesting, processing and importing of softwood. In our range, you will find different grades of softwood with PEFC®, FSC® and ISPM 15 labels.


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