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Poplar Plywood

Our European poplar plywood – originating from Belgium, Spain and Italy – is a lightweight white plywood made from poplar.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • 3x1200x2000 mm
    • 3x1220x2500 mm
    • 4x1220x2500 mm
    • 5x1220x2500 mm
    • 5x1530x3050 mm
    • 5x1530x3100 mm
    • 6x1220x2500 mm
    • 8x1220x2500 mm
    • 8x1530x3050 mm
    • 8x1530x3100 mm
    • 9x1220x2440 mm
    • 9x1220x2500 mm
    • 9x1250x2500 mm
    • 10x1220x2500 mm
    • 10x1530x3050 mm
    • 10x1530x3100 mm
    • 12x1220x2440 mm
    • 12x1220x2500 mm
    • 12x1530x3050 mm
    • 12x1530x3100 mm
    • 12x1850x3100 mm
    • 15x1220x2500 mm
    • 15x1530x3050 mm
    • 15x1530x3100 mm
    • 15x2440 mm
    • 18x1220x2500 mm
    • 18x1530x3050 mm
    • 18x1530x3100 mm
    • 18x2440 mm
    • 19x2440 mm
    • 19x2500 mm
    • 19x3050 mm
    • 20x1220x2500 mm
    • 21x1220x2440 mm
    • 21x1220x2500 mm
    • 21x1530x3050 mm
    • 21x1530x3100 mm
    • 22x1220x2500 mm
    • 22x2500 mm Zagen
    • 25x1220x2500 mm
    • 25x1530x3100 mm
    • 30x1220x2500 mm
    • 30x1530x3100 mm
    • 30x2440 mm
  • Qualities

    This type of panels is easy to process. Painting, varnishing and spraying are absolutely possible, as long as the first layer has been sanded smoothly.

    Thanks to the low difference in thickness, the board can be covered with HPL and veneer.

  • Applications

    Poplar plywood is used for many lightweight applications:

    • Interior construction
    • Caravan construction (blind mounting)
    • Luxury packaging boxes, such as those used in the food industry (i.e. luxury praline boxes)
    • Packaging for air transport
    • Interior design
    • ...
  • Technical specifications

    Poplar plywood can be delivered with PEFC and FSC® labels. Poplar is a fast growing and renewable type of wood that forms part of sustainable forest management.

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