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Eucafilm hardwood

Eucafilm hardwood is a film-faced plywood originating from China. The use of hardwood instead of poplar makes this film-faced plywood a stronger type of formwork board.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • 4x1250x2500 mm
    • 9x1250x2500 mm
    • 9x1500X3000 mm
    • 12x1220x2440 mm
    • 12x1250x2500 mm
    • 12x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 12x1500X3000 mm
    • 15x1250x2500 mm
    • 15x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 15x1500X3000 mm
    • 18x360x2500 mm
    • 18x1250x2500 mm
    • 18x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 18x1500X3000 mm
    • 21x1250x2500 mm
    • 21x1500X3000 mm
    • 24x1250x2500 mm
    • 27x1525x2500 mm
  • Qualities

    Once the base board has been calibrated, the surface of this Chinese plywood is coated with phenol film.

    You can choose between a black and a brown film for this coating, which can also be smooth or have an anti-slip profile. It also offers a higher reusability for formwork than the 100% poplar version.

  • Technical specifications

    Eucafilm hardwood is also available with FSC® label on request.

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