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Birch film

Berk Film assortiment
Berk Film

Birch film is Russian birch concrete film plywood.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • 4x1250x2500 mm
    • 4x1500x3000 mm
    • 7X1250X2500 mm
    • 7X1500X3000 mm
    • 7x1530x3050 mm
    • 9x1220x2440 mm
    • 9x1250x2500 mm
    • 9x1500x3000 mm
    • 9x1530x3050 mm
    • 12x1220x2440 mm
    • 12x1250x2500 mm
    • 12x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 12x1500x3000 mm
    • 15x1250x2500 mm
    • 15x1500x3000 mm
    • 15x1530x3050 mm
    • 15x1900x5400 mm
    • 18x1220x2440 mm
    • 18x1250x2500 mm
    • 18x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 18x1500x3000 mm
    • 18x1500x3000 mm scier
    • 18x1900x5400 mm
    • 21x1250x2500 mm
    • 21x1250x2500 mm scier
    • 21x1500x3000 mm
    • 21x1500x3000 mm scier
    • 21x1900x5400 mm
    • 24x1250x2500 mm
    • 24x1500x3000 mm
    • 27x1500x3000 mm
    • 30x1250x2500 mm
    • 30x1500x3000 mm
    • 35x1500x3000 mm
  • Qualities

    This sturdy, uniformly constructed film-faced plywood from Russia can be obtained in both smooth and non-slip versions.

    Thanks to the reinforced core, the panels enjoys an increased strength and reusability, while a high stability and dimensional uniformity is maintained.

  • Applications

    This type of panels is ideal for more demanding formwork (such as visible concrete), but also lends itself to industrial uses, such as cladding panels for trucks and trailers due to its consistent strength, quality and stability.

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