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Royal Wood

Royal Wood Neutraal
Royal Wood
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Royal Wood is impregnated Scandinavian pine that, thanks to an environmentally friendly impregnation process – in which pigmented linseed oil or ‘Royal oil’ is applied to the pine – is extremely suitable as a sustainable cladding that can withstand wind and weather. This modified wood is 100% PEFC certified.

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  • Qualities

    In addition to its high quality, Royal Wood also enjoys a natural look. You can choose between six different colours: Norwegian Black, Fjord Grey, Tar Brown, Ochre Yellow, Lava Red and Neutral. We have three standard colours in stock (Norwegian Black, Fjord Grey and Neutral).

    Royal Wood offers many advantages:

    • Strong and lightweight
    • Long service life
    • Technical lifespan of 60 years
    • Minimal maintenance required

    The production process for Royal Wood is extremely environmentally friendly, and takes place as follows:

    1. The wood is impregnated under pressure
    2. The wood is heated under vacuum in oil to +/- 65°C
    3. The wood cells are filled with linseed oil
    4. Once removed from the chamber, the wood is dry and ready for use

    This process is heated by the burning of wood chips from our own planning mill, and only emits pure water vapour. In addition, this process uses only natural linseed oil without solvents.

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