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Norway spruce

Norway spruce - also known as European spruce - is the most sold type of softwood worldwide and has a wide variety in quality.

  • Free pick up in our warehouse at Zottegem.
  • Shipping within Europe possible.
  • Available dimensions and thickness

    • Thickness: 23-30-32-38-44-50-63-75 mm
    • Width: 100-125-150-175-200-225-250-275-300 mm
    • Length: 3000-3500-400-4500-5000-5500-6000-6500-7000-7500-8000-8500-9000 mm
    • Weight: 400 kg
  • Qualities

    The colour of spruce wood is pale to whitish yellow or yellow-brown, and is characterised by a soft coarse patterning. This type of softwood is relatively easy to impregnate, paint and stain.

  • Applications

    Depending on the quality, Norway spruce is used as formwork, packaging wood, carpentry wood or to set up construction sites (load-bearing constructions, facades, beams, etc.).

  • Technical specifications

    At Hout – Bois van Steenberge, you can obtain PEFC or FSC® certified spruce. In addition, we can also apply an ISPM 15 standard heat treatment, which is a heat treatment intended for the packaging industry.

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